Five Tips to Create a Budget Base Event

When you consider events, you might think “My business isn’t big enough to hold an event large enough to make a difference. Where am I going to find the budget?”

Here in this brief article, we are going to look at five tips you can take to create a memorable event that is friendly to your budget. Lets roll:

1. Plan. Don’t treat events like an afterthought. Plan ahead. Budget for them. Be strategic about objectives. The event should have a business-driving purpose beyond “it’s nice to have a holiday party.”

2. Drinks. Don’t assume that a hosted bar, in which you pay a set amount per guest, is the best deal. In most cases, a consumption bar, in which you pay for what people actually drank, is a more cost effective option. On a hosted bar you are paying the same charge if a person drinks soft drinks all night or a string of Long Island Ice Teas.

3. Fees add up. Don’t forget to include all the additional fees into the budget. The fees in hotels are endless – chef fees, bartender fees, service fees in addition to charges for power, loading docks, security, etc. A good event planner can provide you with insights into which fees are negotiable.

4. Tunes. It used to be that a live band was the prestigious thing to have but DJs are hot again. A great DJ is more fun than an average band at half the price. Design a cool stage set for the DJ so they can make a great visual as well as keep the energy high.

5. Manage your guest. Send out invites to the number of guests you can cater for. When you invite the whole town to your event, then you will be ready to spend more. Your invites should be base on your scheduled budget so you can manage your guest accordingly.


In all, your event should be regimental and stick to time. The more attention you give to time, the more you move up quickly and make the event a memorable one.