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View Our Private Event Rooms

This room is perfect for small occasions such as baby showers and small meet & greets. Adorned with LED lights, mirrors, and props this room has a capacity of 50- 100 guest, located to the right of the Diamond Room.

This room is perfect for corporate functions & organization meet & greets.  Adorned with LED lights on the floors reflecting the walls and a capacity for 50 to 100 guest. This space located to the left of the Diamond Room.

Accommodate up to 100-200 people. This room is perfect for all occasions. This is our most popular room choice. True to its name, this beautiful room features mirrors, props, LED lights that lend a sparkle to any gathering. The ceiling mimics the daytime sky with beautiful blue and white  aura.

Accommodate up to 3500 people. Our largest room with over 11,000 square feet, is MAJESTIC and outfitted with modern technology for conferences, weddings, birthday parties etc. Space has up to 1,000 sitting capacity and with a huge stage presence, a PRESENCE NEXT TO NONE other. The Diamond Room sparkles with LED lights and the most advanced array of luxury sections with superb flexibility for any social event or business gathering. This space has a movable bar.